Fine art, Sculpture, Photo


- 2024 'Sensitivity Gundam', Art space Wol-in (Solo Exhibition), Seoul

- 2023 The 70th Anniversary of Seoul Arts High School group exhibition. Seoul Arts Center. Doam gallery

- 2019 'ART NEXT EXPO 2019', PMQ, Central Hong Kong

- 2019 'Art out of School', brunch cafe 'The Brown', Seoul 

- 2017 'Future with Arts', Daegu Art Factory, Daegu

- 2017 'ART NEXT EXPO 2017', PMQ, Central Hong Kong

- 2017 'A Boy, Be myth', KOLON, Space K, Daegu 

- 2016 'Bearded Peter Pan', Seongnam Arts Center. Cube Art Museum

- 2013 'Gundam Art Exhibition', Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (SICAF 2013)

- 2013 The 60th Anniversary of Seoul Arts High School group exhibition. Seoul Arts Center, Hangaram Museum

- 2011 Japan Bandai Gunpla Builders World Cup (GBWC 2011) Korea Champion

- 2008 Japan Bandai Action Kits Universal Cup (BAKUC 2008)  new challenger prize

Miniature cartoon character toys have now become a culture and Kim So-ri had a lot of concern for creating artworks with them.

He wanted to approach to them as an artist rather than just a modeler. He did not care much about the hard, standardized components or such an issue as how perfectly they could be reproduced.

The matter of paramount importance for him was 'How well their meanings could be conveyed'. Most boys experience such 'work' as assembling or repairing in their childhood.

Kim So-ri does not only reproduce and own the objects he used to make in his childhood. But he shares his old memories and emotions drawn from the old time and space and suggests the most trendy culture sublimated info his 'artworks'

- Seongnam Arts Center Cube Art Museum. Song Eui-young curator.